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Kindi Dulai-Gill


Kindi Dulai-Gill , a former CEO responsible for 3000 people, understands intimately the demanding pressures and grueling stress of managing corporate life with home life. She is a Chartered Accountant with over 30 years of experience in leadership and change management, and today is a sought after Professional Speaker and Transformation Catalyst.  She is the founder of Spark Expansion Consulting, a board director for the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers -Vancouver Chapter and a Facilitator of the Groundbreaking Self Empowering Dalian Method.

Kindi specializes in bringing revolutionary improvements in psychological health and well-being into the workplace, so that peace and fulfillment can be felt within. She helps people to achieve lasting personal transformation for human wholeness through increased self-awareness, elimination of unconscious bias and  improved emotional intelligence.

Kindi’s workshops teach you how to build bridges where relationships need nurturing. She awakens you to a new form of communication in your head, that drives trustworthy & authentic connections.  Kindi teaches you how to tap into your most productive, energized and co-operative self, all whilst transforming stress, worry, guilt and fear forever. Bringing peace to your life is the overall objective, along with total fulfillment!

When not helping her many clients, Kindi enjoys spending time with her constantly transforming family of three children and husband of 30 years. She chooses to refresh and have fun behind a camera taking photographs, or on a dance-floor moving to the beat. In her quiet reflective moments Kindi enjoys writing poetry and spending time meditating. Kindi now lives in Vancouver and travels worldwide helping people to evolve into greater consciousness and self-awareness expansion.


“Revolutionary Ways to Wholeness and Life Changing Leadership Thursday 10:30am – 12:00pm May 4th

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